Tuesday, December 2, 2008

he gets me dancing, he has me swinging

our 1st date was here..

he wakes me up with his sun in his eyes
every morning is a warm surprise
he makes me laugh,he makes me sing
he gets me dancing, he has me swinging
(a song from sore....dg beberapa perubahan)

after 1 year cherish the love with u,i still want to cherish it for another year
after 1 year share tears together,i still want to share it with u again
happy 1st year anniversary my beloved Ilham...
i love love love u
always have,always will.


Mirzal Dharmaputra said...

mellow sekalii... hahaha

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

jgn sirik yah kan!
ahahahahha...dasar bocah cimanggis!

me and a rainbow umbrella said...

haduu..sudaa setaun!!

dis setaun itu masa krisis jenuh pertama

hoho :p