Friday, April 30, 2010

totally random

1. i never get a facial..not even once!my doctor is getting bored to tell me how my oily skin need a facial...sorry doc!not this type of treatment!its so scary and painful..i have no guts!

2. i dont like " a whole new world" and "lucky by jason mraz" i found the melodic is soooo boring and people keep playing those 2 songs till this day...overwhelmed!

3. i hate my workplace.

4. #heaventome Ugly betty-grey's anatomy-food paradise-project runway-brother&sister-90210-gosselin sextuplets-TARA-30 rocks in a row!yihaaaaaa!

5. i love reading fashion blogs...and i LOVE reading food blogs!

6. college years is the happiest time in my life *dancing dancing with UNPAD's song*

7. my heart says Mall is the best gateway here in Jakarta. and my all the time favorite is Plaza Senayan. i much enjoy just walking around on their first floor :p

8.never get enough of french fries

9. especially french fries with cheese sauce just like Wendy's had

10. or dip my french fries into frosty..YUM!

11. twitter's timeline is my breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. so that makes UberTwitter is my favorite menu among all

12. i have no idea why i write these...

13. im so random today, i even miss you

Monday, April 26, 2010


get yourself lost at locomostrip

knew bout this web from dita ,thanks for sharing!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

pizza,waffle and some stuffs

my pizza e birra's second visit..and again, very delightful!ordered this meatball pizza regular for 49k..meatballnya dari daging cincang gitu,enak!and the thin crust pizza is yummilicious..definitely will be back later!

i forgot the name..this one is from macaroni panggang, bogor. Looking superb but taste so-so..and this one is around 30k

waffle time at comic cafe...a large portion of blueberry waffle with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream for 21k..surprisingly yum-yum!and they're generous with the real blueberry..nice!

regular twist froyo for 37k..this froyo from heavenly blush didn't taste heavenly to me..i much prefer sour sally and red mango!

nasi ayam hainan radja ketjil for 18k only...last week this one went to special promo, so i guess this week the delicious hainan will cost you more than 18k....anyways,the broth is super yummy,so should try it! and look at the plate's pattern...gggoooorrrjjjeeeeeessssss!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

on mom-daughter thingy

situasi: setiap malam minggu

beberapa bulan yang lalu
nyokap: dis, jangan malem2 yah pulangnya!

sebulan belakangan
nyokap: tar kamu jgn makan malem yah..biar aja temen2nya pada makan..kamu cukup minum jus aja!biar gak makin gendut
gw: iyaaaaaaaaa....*kebohongan terbesar tiap malming*

yaaa masa gw gak tergoda liat makanan temen gw...impossible!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

goodluck mate!

sorry i couldn't make it to your farewell last night
so, see you when i see you buddy
take care! :)

last long weekend

Just around Jakarta..ngumpul sama temen SMA,temen kecil, temen kuliah...they are charger to my next monday :)

This green tea blended from cafe au lait is superb!i loooveeee it..and it only cost me to other coffee shop, this is cheap..and the place is so it even more

and this one from coffee bean..singaporean curry pastry for 30k..yummy with generous chicken filling inside and ice latte for..i forgot the price

accidentally met them!

karaoke-ing just four of us!

Oenpao-ing..again, just 4 of us

arisan tebet!haha..minus 4 orang lagi

meet my bestfwen since i was a kiddo

and this weekend i'm going nowhere since my grandpa is in hospital...God bless him and wish he will recovery very very soon

Saturday, April 3, 2010

sushi naga

Resto yang berada di meruya utara ini bener-bener mesti dicoba sama pecinta sushi!really nice sushi with great price..kalo liat menunya nama-nama makanannya sama kayak Sushi does the wonder deh yaa..karena Chef Sushi Naga tuh alumni sono..asik deh pokoknya...this is my second time dining in here..and it was a blast...why?see the review till end and you will know why! :P

started with my favoritos one..kanimayo tobikko for 15k sajaaaaaa...enak?so pasti deh cuy!

kalo yang ini tempura uramaki for 21k..enyak juga

this one is celebrity crispy roll for 21k nah cocok kan namanya celebrity..soalnya penampilannya heboh bener..and it tasted good as well...dalemnya unagi gitu

Baked salmon roll for never go wrong with salmon...delicious!

spicy tuna roll for 12k...i dont like tuna so i didnt try this but my friend said it is quite good

and having Ogura Ice cream for 15k as my dessert..enak kacang merah vanilla ini sunggih nikmat!

apakah selesai sampai disitu?untungnya belom...jadi gw sama temen gw duduk di Sushi bar kan terus si chefnya ngajak ngobrol kita berdua..and the end of conversation dia ngasih ini

salmon mentai as compliment!!yihaaaaaa...he is such a nice chef!
di mobil gw sama temen gw bertanya-tanya kenapa kita bisa dapet compliment?gw nanya sama temen gw yang sering ke sushi naga, doi gak pernah tuh dapet compliment..hoho *emang tergantung amalan sih cun!hihi*
temen gw mikirnya kita berdua bisa dapet compliment karena dia faseh pas diajak ngomong sama Chefnya soal per-sushian..*dikira kuis kali yah*
kalo gw mikirnya dapet compliment karena gw bilang gini "Chef..buka cabang di tebet donk...jauh banget...saya bela2in dari tebet ke ujung meruya cuman buat makan disini doank!*

hoho..menurut kamyu-kamyu..pemikiran siapa yang paling benar?