Sunday, May 30, 2010


playing 16 songs!!!but i only recognized 14 of them...singing along with chris carrabba is soooo...magical to me!thank you God..i consider this as my 23rd birthday gift for me :)
but too bad...none of their songs from the shade of poison trees being played..i was screaming fever dream over and over again to be played..
here is the playlist:
-dont wait
-the places you scared the most
-screaming infidelities (watching them playing this with my teary eyes)
-again i go unnoticed
-everybody learns from disaster
-i know bout you
-belle of boulevard
-swiss army romance
-hands down
-no news is bad news
-as lover go
-summer 69

dashboard confessional always there for me, to cheer me up, to see the past, to keep me sane in present, and I guess their song will be in my future too.
they are my very own music muse since i was a teenager..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

ps. supposed see this concert with someone who gave me their dusk and summer CD back in 2006, but too bad he couldnt make it

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

new stage of life

2 hari yang lalu, tepatnya minggu 23 mei 2010 salah 1 om gw meninggal dunia.
His name achdiyat ichsan and I call him om yayat. He is married to my aunty, having two kids and lived next to my house.
Lucunya, dulu waktu alm pacaran sama tante gw, gw suka ngintilin mereka dan waktu gw SMP I remembered I love having conversation with him. Tapi makin lama gw makin jarang ngobrol.
Losing him was a really BIG SHOCK to my family..without warning, he's gone..back to Allah.
3 hari ini tamu2 gak berhenti2 dateng melayat, menunjukkan kalau almarhum memang dicintai banyak orang :)

"om..hari jumat kemaren itu gak nyangka ya jadi hari terakhir aku ngobrol sama om..cuman ngobrol dikit karena sama2 mau berangkat was friday and your face was so glowiiiing..i thought it was your soap and shampoo, but it is a sign i guess. i hope you already happy up there..we miss you :') " i am turning 23 year old!thank you's such a blessing :) :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

photos courtesy of stanley allan, via chekka cuomova

diandra paramita sastrowardoyo, the most gorgeous bride i've ever seen

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last wednesday i had this quick meet up with other bloggers slash highschool fellas at nanny's pavillion citywalk sudirman. After looong traffic jam and super looong waiting, we finally sit down and relax and laughing and lauuughiiiiiing :)


the foodies review will come later!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i wish i had this for snack

found this image from DLSR and i cant stop looking at it!
the cookies dough seems so pillowy and soft it will melt perfectly with ice cream in your mouth..saliva-ing is all i can do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sweet parlour and cendol

Hola!back with me again and my foodies review!gara-gara semalem nonton re-runnya food paradise, niat untuk ngeblog jadi we go!
kali ini yang jadi korbannya Sweet Parlour di Citywalk Sudirman...liat-liat dari luar..iiihh lucu banget deh (bisa dilihat foto-fotonya di previous post)...didominasi warna hijau with fake cute flowers bikin pengen masuk and having a high tea time *sok bangsawan*

liat-liat menunya...uyeeee...kirain bakal banyak aneka pancakes & waffle tapi ternyata enggak tuh...sebaca saya cuman ada 2 varian pancakes...haaahh kecewa!!..yowislah, jadinya makan berat!and i ordered thisFettucini aglio olio with beef and mushroom for 43k..fettucininya sih sebenernya enak..cuman keras gitu..kayak kurang mateng..tapi beef sama mushroomnya berlimpah!oiya, menu ini termasuk yang direkomendasiin and ice lemon tea for 20k

yang ini juga direkomendasiin...dory fish with french fries around 60k..temen saya sebel banget pas pesenannnya dateng..sepotong dory kecil begindang dihargain 60rebu??!yah..jakarta memang keras!tapi emang dorynya enyak..lembut-lembut gemana getoh

temen samping kanan saya mesen pancakes ini..harganya gak tau, lupa nanya..tapi kalo gak salah sekitar 28k gitcuw...nothing special!enakkan Pan-O pancakesnya

kalo yang ini chocoholic...somekind of melted choco cake...enaaaaaak!you should try this one!

anyhow, sweet parlour lumayan asik tempatnya, tapi kalo menurut pendapat pribadi gw sih nothing special..gak nyesel makan disini tapi gak pengen balik lagi..btw, saya sih gak rugi sama sekali soalnya dibayarin sama eneng rachma fajarwati!huahahhaha...*kiss kiss macun*
oiya, sebelumnya ke sate senayan dolo nemenin si calon bos Astra makan sore, terus saya pesen ini deh

es cendol for 15k...and it turned out too sweet for my liking. gw lebih suka yang di pasar tebet..jauh lebih murah dan lebih enak..oiya cendol ini ditraktir juga sm si abang randy rizki...tengkyu gan!agan emang baek deh..besok-besok di cork and screw yah gan traktirnya! *crossed finger*

Sunday, May 2, 2010

a night to remember

DURJANA. was the theme our saturday night. me and my 5 closest friends had a meet up and like no other meet up. this one was sooooo gloomy!yeah we still laugh and laugh but so many conversation that made our mellow mood came out.
speaking of painful love life *pass!i have no story to tell!never been this flat*
hatred office *me only actually who brought this issue :( *
someone's farewell, someone's dream, someone was just woke up and found reality, some other just started dream big, some just living life as it flow..what about me?well i have a dream ,that soon i will have a job that gimme big salary so i can treat my closest people to dine in at our all-time-favorite Sushi Tei. AMIN.
but still have some photos to be remembered for the rest of our lives!