Sunday, May 2, 2010

a night to remember

DURJANA. was the theme our saturday night. me and my 5 closest friends had a meet up and like no other meet up. this one was sooooo gloomy!yeah we still laugh and laugh but so many conversation that made our mellow mood came out.
speaking of painful love life *pass!i have no story to tell!never been this flat*
hatred office *me only actually who brought this issue :( *
someone's farewell, someone's dream, someone was just woke up and found reality, some other just started dream big, some just living life as it flow..what about me?well i have a dream ,that soon i will have a job that gimme big salary so i can treat my closest people to dine in at our all-time-favorite Sushi Tei. AMIN.
but still have some photos to be remembered for the rest of our lives!

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poki12 said...

beautiful picture...