Friday, April 30, 2010

totally random

1. i never get a facial..not even once!my doctor is getting bored to tell me how my oily skin need a facial...sorry doc!not this type of treatment!its so scary and painful..i have no guts!

2. i dont like " a whole new world" and "lucky by jason mraz" i found the melodic is soooo boring and people keep playing those 2 songs till this day...overwhelmed!

3. i hate my workplace.

4. #heaventome Ugly betty-grey's anatomy-food paradise-project runway-brother&sister-90210-gosselin sextuplets-TARA-30 rocks in a row!yihaaaaaa!

5. i love reading fashion blogs...and i LOVE reading food blogs!

6. college years is the happiest time in my life *dancing dancing with UNPAD's song*

7. my heart says Mall is the best gateway here in Jakarta. and my all the time favorite is Plaza Senayan. i much enjoy just walking around on their first floor :p

8.never get enough of french fries

9. especially french fries with cheese sauce just like Wendy's had

10. or dip my french fries into frosty..YUM!

11. twitter's timeline is my breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. so that makes UberTwitter is my favorite menu among all

12. i have no idea why i write these...

13. im so random today, i even miss you


Avatarisian said...

pertanyaan utk no.13,, siapa? yang ngarep? apa yang ke laut dimakan walrus?

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

dia yg diharapkan donk aaaah