Sunday, April 11, 2010

last long weekend

Just around Jakarta..ngumpul sama temen SMA,temen kecil, temen kuliah...they are charger to my next monday :)

This green tea blended from cafe au lait is superb!i loooveeee it..and it only cost me to other coffee shop, this is cheap..and the place is so it even more

and this one from coffee bean..singaporean curry pastry for 30k..yummy with generous chicken filling inside and ice latte for..i forgot the price

accidentally met them!

karaoke-ing just four of us!

Oenpao-ing..again, just 4 of us

arisan tebet!haha..minus 4 orang lagi

meet my bestfwen since i was a kiddo

and this weekend i'm going nowhere since my grandpa is in hospital...God bless him and wish he will recovery very very soon


Little Red Riding Hood said...

Ikan kurus banget Dis, parah...
malu gw,
gw membabi dengan sukses gini,
dia mengurus parah....

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

emang nih!berasa lemaknya ditransfer ke gw semua...sebel!
*gak seneng liat orang mengurus*

Little Red Riding Hood said...

apa resep dia bisa mengurus gitu?
sedot lemak?
atau transfer lemak? (ke gw dan lo)