Wednesday, June 23, 2010


lunch date with my daddy!asik sekali..biasanya makan di warteg samping kantor, sekarang naik pangkat dikit!hihi...janjian di setiabudi building, im craving for sushi groove and my dad wanting takigawa..then...takigawa it is!

i ordered small portion of dino lovers for 55k...filling with crab,cucumber and topped with dried eel...yummmyyyyyy....tapii...55rebu buat 4 potong sushi roll?OVERPRICED!paling gak 6 potong gitu...and i ordered kanimayo sushi for around a big fan of kanimayo, and im satisfied with this

still hungry..i ordered first takoyaki in my life!hihi..and i love it!isinya semacem cumi gitu kenyel2..enyak...and i forget the price

this one is my daddy's food...soup apa gitu ya namanya..isinya macem2..ada shitake, salmon,fillet ayam, daging..kuahnya agak2 asem kayak tom yam..yang pasti, kalo dilihat dari ingredientsnya..harganya lebih mahal daripada pesenan2 gw. buat minumnya kita sama2 mesen hot ocha for 12k dan refill. oiya, dapet compliment gitu dan dessert gratis juga loohh...dessertnya enak sekali...semacem pudding red bean..very refreshing!

ayah saya :)

aaahhh ayah...sering2 lah ajak saya makan enaaak...

ps. sorry for very bad quality pictures

Sunday, June 20, 2010

another saturday

Spending my saturday with her. if there's a modern proverb called BFFETG (best friend forever ever together gather) than she is one of my BFFETG!
we went to the same elementary school together, but never say hi to each other. then destiny brought us to the same junior high the same class for 2 years, chairmate for 1 year. struggled in my JHS was very people could found in every corner of my class (maklum, SMP paling bagus se jakarta!haha) ..thank God i had her to help me with math and stuffs. famous gank never been so meany..and, thank God i had her beside me to deal with it. Jerk hunky boys all over my days...again, thank God i had her to share the craziness!
and we went to different high school..she is waaaay clever than me, and she made it. went to SMA 8 without cheating i guess, and me..went to SMA 68. But, i still can reach her whenever i need someone to talk to. when i need partner to bitching out bout high school life. her bedroom still my favorite chamber to cry on.
Time flies...she went to ITB and i went to UNPAD..we were in one city but we very very rare to see each other to talk bout shitty things in our life.
we were such a busy bee. we started to lose contact.
yesterday, after years we dont have quality time..we finally made it. Along with cheapy food we talked bout life. so many things to catch up!i dont even checking my blackberry for like 4 hours! *totally shocking, for a twitter addict like me*
i miss her so much...goodluck for life and love nyooong!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

weekend gateway

Who says Jakarta doesn't have it all?
lavish business districts?ch
glamorous malls?double check!

gorgeous beach?absolutely check!

last weekend me and my high school BFF featuring some new friends just explored Tidung Island..part of ke
pulauan seribu..let's see its charm

as a happy weekender...all we can do is snorkling and cycling around the island..great great great!


and the best part, it came at very affordable price! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

nanny's pavilion Jakarta

heyhooooo...minggu malem gini emang paling enak buat ngblog!here im back for some foodies review...nanny's pavilion citywalk sudirman!yes, finally after craving for their pancakes dan setelah beberapa kali ke bandung dan gagal makan ini..kesampean juga!sebenernya makannya udah lama kira2 sebulan yang lalu..tapi baru sekarang inget buat di review...okey...lets kick some taste!i ordered pancake with oreo and caramel sauce for 29k...yaaah....enyak kok..but nothing superbnah kalo yang ini pesenanannya si zara..namanya grandma something for around 32k...dan enaaaaakkkkk pengen makan di nannys lagi buat mesen ini!

yang ini baked rice with meatball for around 32k..pesenannya si mirzal..uumm..not my kind of rice..pake keju gitu diatasnya...lama-lama jadi eneg

anyhooooo...overall makanan2 disini enaaaak plus tempatnya yang kiyut membuat saya ingin datang lagi dan lagi :D