Sunday, May 30, 2010


playing 16 songs!!!but i only recognized 14 of them...singing along with chris carrabba is soooo...magical to me!thank you God..i consider this as my 23rd birthday gift for me :)
but too bad...none of their songs from the shade of poison trees being played..i was screaming fever dream over and over again to be played..
here is the playlist:
-dont wait
-the places you scared the most
-screaming infidelities (watching them playing this with my teary eyes)
-again i go unnoticed
-everybody learns from disaster
-i know bout you
-belle of boulevard
-swiss army romance
-hands down
-no news is bad news
-as lover go
-summer 69

dashboard confessional always there for me, to cheer me up, to see the past, to keep me sane in present, and I guess their song will be in my future too.
they are my very own music muse since i was a teenager..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

ps. supposed see this concert with someone who gave me their dusk and summer CD back in 2006, but too bad he couldnt make it


Wulandari said...

wah kamu beruntung bgt bisa nonton Dashboard,envy!!Pasti seru bgt ya *menyesal belakangan. Btw,salam kenal yaaa ^^

Riesta Emy Susanti said...

kereeeen euy....

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

@wulandari salam kenal jugaaa :D

@riesta was super cool!