Sunday, December 7, 2008


im dying to watch these old movie:
1.little giants made in 1994...CMIIW...
when i was still innocent i loveeeeee this movie so much,it has devon sawa inside! a hunk!
indonesia's store had ran out of stock of it..i've been lookin for it anyplace but still cant find it!and youtube doesnt have it either...the only way to get the dvd is buying online at eBay..and my daddy doesnt gimme his CC desperate

2.the parent trap made in 1998
suddenly i missss this movie soooooooo...i love the wardrobes,the story,the miss.lohan that still cute,the beautiful songs and dont forget the handshake!!! doesnt have the good quality looking for the dvd entire ambassador and still didnt find it last nite...hate it.

buat yg bs bantuin gw....CONTACT ME PLEASE!!

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