Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday morning

How i love sunday morning..watchin E! and was your saturday nite??mine was pretty yummy..gone to plaza indo and had sushi at our favorite sushi tei for our dinner..yeay!trus di parkiran ketemu lamborghini...kok pendek bgt yah mobilnya?i wonder how to drive it...i never enjoy mobil uncomfortable...why boys these day so crazy bout ceper-ing their cars??but i guess this lamborghini must be comfortable...

and this what i wore last nite..nothing fancy bout it...aaaahh..boriiiing!!!
thrifted green cardi-tailor made skrit-unbranded jeans and tshirt-mom's bag-charles&keith shoes

and some candid pictures....

i always have a thing for carousel...dulu waktu gw SD ada telenovela anak2 gitu di sctv judulnya carousel..and i love it so much!

ps. my boyfriend just got his S.E. from binus university!yeay! =)))))))))

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Rie Hendrawanto said...

bu.. pagi2 buka blognya aku jadi lapar..isinya makanan + pictures sih hehehe..