Sunday, August 2, 2009

sushi tei

sushi tei is my #2 favorite restaurant..(#1 is bakmi GM btw)..i always love the smell everytime i enter the restaurant..the smell of sushi and wasabi..and according to other sushi restaurant, sushi tei is not so pricey but it is so damn yummy..and here what we (me and boyfie) ordered...
abura salmon roll, Rp.65.000..baked salmon on top with a lot of tobiko and crispy ebi inside the roll....MAKNYOOS!
idk the name just grabbed it from sushi bar..and yummy too..rp.16.000

my favorite!kanimayo tobiko maki, Rp.22.000...gak di sushi tei gak di sushi naga..order this is a must!adalagi favorit gw,tp lupa difoto salmon sushi Rp.11.000..MANTAPS!

yang ini juga asal ngambil di sushi bar,i think the name is chukage something..kenyel2 gt soalnya...rp.16.000

salmon maki, rp.11.000

tuna something, Rp.16.000

and last..taiyoki, rp.20.000 for closing the dinner

and what makes me even more in love with sushi tei?ocha is free and refill!woohoooo!

happy eating!

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