Thursday, August 26, 2010

simply simple things i love

Since i used to curse and whine lately, i need something to remember my favorite things and happy things that happen to my daily life..
and this post, exactly what i need!
here the 10 simple things that i love so much

1. When i wake up, and realize there is still couple hours to go before my alarm singing
2. Accidently bump into someone i closely the middle of nowhere
3. When i find some new good music or the forgotten ones
4. A lazy sunday and nothing to do, after a busy saturday nite fever
5. Tenggo!
6. When i have an appointment with friends after working
7. When my favorite blog being updated
8. When my favorite TV shows are a row! *oh i miss you my tuesday,bring back my golden era!!*
9. Somebody that i miss suddenly ping/buzz/wall/call/text me
10. When people remember little things bout me..sweet :)

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