Sunday, April 3, 2011

To you, my Engineer

as i write in this post, my life's been so good. everything's perfect. i enjoy my job more than i ever thought before, so weekdays dont torture me at all.
and to make it even better, on weekend i have my Erlangga to spend the weekend with and with my bestfriends on the other side.
i feel blessed.
but, did life tell you that there's no such a thing as perfect? reality bites, and bites me.
last Tuesday Erlangga told me that he has to go to Amurang (2 hours away from Manado) for 3 months and get 7 days off to go back to Jakarta and back again to Amurang for we both dont know for how long.
it more weekend together, no more night drive moments that i adore the most, no more songs to be sing out loudly in your car.

so now, im kissing you goodbye. when you get back to this city..we're gonna falling in love again for the second time and i hope, getting stronger.

im gonna miss you, the other feet

until then, please hang on my engineer. i love you so freaking much.


readhermind-dy said...

ih LDR, pasti kangen bgt ya.. tp ntar smoga klo ktemu lg rasanya lebih dr sebelumnya :)

crazy lil outspoken girl said...