Saturday, July 16, 2011

13 Juli 2011

my Eyang Putri had passed away. in her 71 years old.
i was just arrived at the office, and i took my phone from my bag..there was BBm and missed call from my daddy. i knew it, i knew it was a bad news. since my Eyang had been hospitalized for 2 weeks. i knew this missed call will bring me to tears.

we straightly gone to Semarang, in the car..i listened to my lil bro's played Adele - someone like you. i know this is a broken lovey-dovey song, but i listened to it in my deepest sorrow, i could related this song to my loss of my Eyang.

I wish nothing but the best for you too
"Don't forget me," I begged
"I'll remember," you said

and the fact that my Bunda now is an orphanage, really heartbreaking to me.
Rest in Peace, Eyang Ti...please send my regards to my Eyang Kakung... enjoy your time in heaven. :")

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