Saturday, July 9, 2011

it would be nice if i have you at the end of hard day

couple days ago, my Business Manager said to me... "welcome to the jungle, gadis"
i heard this quote alots, esp. when the time i graduated and struggled to get a job. and now i have one, this jungle is wilder than ever!
piles and piles of work sheets to be done, it often feels an endlessly ones. i was so reckless and in hurry so many..i repeat..MANY mistakes i've done so far. some of em, fatal error that made me literally shaking when i realized that i could do such a stupid mistake. and direct supervisor..well, what can i say bout him? hahaha..lets skip this one :p (hahaha in here means tertawa miris ya, bukan tertawa senang.catet.)
Those hard weekdays... got me really tired but i dont want to give up. bcos somehow, i started to love ( is a strong word, let change love with enjoy) my job. and my workmates are bunch of kreziii people! they're truly my mood-booster at the office. its like watching 30 Rocks via real life!

Oh, well...
all is fine, i guess.

ps. boyfie is coming to jekardah for 10 days!you have no idea how happy i am! :))

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