Monday, January 4, 2010



Watching Glee season 1 on my NYE..singing and dancing along,i guess i had party in my own way!
Totally in love with glee..and my favorite character is Kurt Hummel ..idk why,i always have a thing for gay guy in serial..i think they're cute!even the sarcastic Marc (Ugly Betty) looks so cute to my,i dont have a crush for them..i just want to have cool gay guy like them as my real friends..haha!
anyways..hows your NYE guys?hope it was a blast..and may more happiness and peace will come in this 2010...

happy 2010 you all! :DD

ps. just saw the commercial..starting 20 Jan you can watch Glee on starworld..late as always! now i desperately want to see the season 2!


caca said...

met taun baru ya gadis...
btw ttg legging... itu punya nenek aku... aku ga tau belinya dimana... hehehe

.:diah:. said...

happy new year, Gadis

my NYE was enjoyable enough :D

Ladyulia said...

nice blog u haave

crazy lil outspoken girl said... lucky you are!and happy new year caca!

@diah..happy new year diah!

@ladyulia...thankies :)

desieria said...

Happy new year juga yaaa gadis...
moga taun ini lebih baik dari taun kemaren.