Friday, July 30, 2010


Musician. how could i resist you? you create a beautiful melody that lull me to sleep. that make me believe that today is better than yesterday. and it's only beginning, you keep on, beautifully put lyric on it, lyric that secretly, killing me slowly (baca:pengen ngais-ngais tanah atau nyebur ke jurang) whenever i listen to it. or better, make me wanna jump and jump and juuuump with happiness.
so here we top ten love song! jokoanwar did this top ten on twitter yesterday, and i want to do my version!but not in twitter, 140 characters wont do the im gonna write here, in my screaming infidelities :)
lets do the countdown!

#10 ASH - Walking Barefoot
your beauty takes my breath away in all awe day. your company was so relaxing in easy going way.
i want a laid back love, that make me feel like forever in Sunday morning. warm, casual, simple.

#9 Aaron Carter - Crush on You
how could you know, cos i never found out..i got a crush on you!
puppy love puppy love!my childhood theme was Aaron Carter's first album..woohooo!i always have a thing for puppy love, i adore it. it so random that you could fallin in love with a boy just because he help you erase the whiteboard when nobody did. shallow?it just kid anyway! :)

#8 The Wannadies - You and Me Song
Now we watch TV..til we fall asleep not very exciting but it's you and we'll always be togother
super famous song!my love song through my ABABIL years...i remember i was in my 2nd grade of Junior high when i was so crazily in love with this song. i play it. repeat it. i listen carefully to it so i can write down the lyric in my diary. i didnt know that AZlyric even exist that day!haha

#7 The Adams - Konservatif
dan aaaaku kan berada diteras rumahmu saat air engkau suguhkan..dan kita bicara tentang apa sajaaaa....siaaang lambat laun menjadi malaaaam, dan ini telah gelas ketiga. jam 9 malam aku pulaaaang.
countless hours that we spent on my terrace. countless stories being told. with countless glass of water (sometimes ice tea) we talk bout life. oh i love conservative way of 'ngedate'

#6 The Script - The Man who cant be moved
How can I move on when I'm still in love with you..
this line sum it all. you love your past so much that you couldn't even breathe, you couldn't move on with your life

#5 Hellogoodbye - Oh it is love
oh, it is love when i press my hand to fit yours. thinking is love
nothing beats when he hold your hand for the first time! :D

#4 John Mayer - Split Screen Sadness
And I know it was me who called it over but I still wish you'd fought me 'til your dying day. Don't let me get away
you love someone so much, but you have nothing to stand. then you break up. after that, you just realize that there must be something to holding on and letting go is the wrong answer.

#3 Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
I'm missing your laugh, how did it break?And when did your eyes begin to look fake?I hope you're as happy as you 're pretending.
i think this song trying to say that "hey, i know you are in love with someone else, its long as you're happy...but i still want to stay beside you..just stay fake in front of me, its better than you go from my life" love doesn't always being nice with you all the time right?shit happens..and i think, this is the shittest ever. (no, i never in this situation thank God)

#2 Snow Patrol - It's beginning to get to me
Dont have to prove that you're so strong, cos i can carry you on my back after our enemies're the only thing that makes senses, just ignore all the present tense
speechless..i just loveeeeee this song, i think its honest, beautiful, you just completely in love with someone, you want to skip today and see him on your future. super sweet! :)

#1 Ryan Adams - So Alive
Just put to bed and stand beside me...stand beside me. always on your side...and so aliveeeeee!!!!
it was 2004 when i heard this song, and love it to death. my love mood is soooooo pumping up that i could jump around because i am fallin in love..hahahaha...sounds silly to you? its okey to be silly when you're in love..hahha..this song is the best! i play this on repeat when i fall in love with someone...mood-booster :) :)

That's a wrap! my top ten love songs...what yours?share with me :)


Avatarisian said...

10. gadisku-ello,, "YAHHHOOOO"

09. dinda-gradasi,,"andai ku bisa merubah diriku menjadi dua ku tinggalkan yang satunyaa,,," sweet is it??

08. iklan carrefour-upin&ipin,, "belanjeee-belanjee,, pas hari rayeeee,,"

07. the way i was-maroon5,, "never need to go back to the way i was the way i was" bukan curhat,, sueer,,

06. lil of ur time-maroon5,, "if u want me call me come and take risk kiss me somewhere deep the below the surface"

05. the way you look tonight-maroon5,,"just think oooooffff youuu,, an the way you lookk tonite"

04. i'll do anything-j.mraz,, "and if you looking for the boy with voice well baby im single"

03. badanmu dufan-you know who,, "mau pake bhs indonesia apa inggris dis??"

02. 1000 things-J.Mraz,, "and i stop my counting when i saw youuurr face,,"

01. after an afternoon-J.Mraz,, "face to paaallmmm teeth to teeth and mouth to tongue heart to ground say you everything,, well maybe baby i am in loovee"

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

yg nomer 10 buat gwyah?yah?yah??hahahha

dinda-gradasi saha iyeu teh?

ya badan dufan dibawa2!!! *lirik2astu*

diiim...yg nomer 1...ummm....lo HBW eh HBL yah?HAHAHAHAHA...
sukurrr tinggal di hutan! :p