Friday, July 2, 2010

office. friday noon.

Today is Friday but it feels like monday. Monday that full of yawning and moaning. it was 9 am and i feel like it was already 3pm. Boring to the max.
Have no idea..someone suggest me to blog while i dont have any idea to write about.
So, here i am.. 2.15pm , blogging from my desk, being interrupted by some office mates.
Oh, and please do save yourself from my boring lines, it contagious!seriously!
but if you insist to read this till the end, prepare yourself for my curhatan.
let see what happened to my life recently...
still in this (hatred) office... *im sorry Allah if i am such a ungrateful creature, while there are thousands employees, but i couldnt help myself. i hate my office.
Becoming a fan of LYLA...hahahhaha.. *blame on you sir!!
And some butterflies are coming again to my stomach! #eeaaaa but dont want to put my hope thiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss high, bcos im not ready to fall apart :)
plus tomorrow is S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y , so i should be happy and rid this never ending boredom!
uummm..i guess that's all...feel much better!

thank you for reading folks!


Avatarisian said...

nyihahahaha,, gaboooottttttt,, malu2in generasi HIMA aja lu dis

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

lah..dulu kan di hima gw jg gabut dim!

readhermind-dy said...


Avatarisian said...

ehm,, *GRIN