Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my number 1

People are getting greziii about Inception..i haven't watch it yet, im sure Inception is good..but not good enough to beat my all the time favorite movie ever!


look at Brigitta's wardrobe..pretty as heaven

The sound of music! made in year 1965 based on true story, won a lot of Oscar back then..this musical movie is everything to me!
the first time i watched it hen i was in 5th grade...like 13 years ago! i watched it countless time..never get bored of it...the songs, the wardrobes, the Von Trapp children..oh my, this movie is PERFECT.
It is my dream since i was a kiddo to go to Austria and get some The sound of music's tour..and my first stop will be this...

the famous Gazebo, where Liesl and Rolf doing the magical dance...sixteen going on seventeen!the best lovey-dovey dance i've ever seen...this gazebo now on lock because so many people get hurt, they're trying to jump from chair to chair like Liesl and Rolf did!haha...
oh my dear Allah.....i want this tour so baaaaaaaad!!


A Boy with an Attitude said...

gue jadi kepengen ntn Sound of Music dah.. gara2 ngeliat Project Pop ngebawain lagunya Sound of Music.

crazy lil outspoken girl said...

lo blm pernah nonton the sound of music??
a movie freak like you never watch this???
shame on youuuuuuuu....hahahhaha