Monday, June 29, 2009

cali deli

it was my first time to eat here..we--me and boyfriend wanted to try the famous vietnam sandwich...

i ordered turkey deli because the waiter said this deli is best seller here..and when i bite wonder this deli become so popular among customers...the bread is so crunchy and fresh..i wonder where they buy the bread cos i like want to have a baquette of it!and the turkey was good...and it costs rp 47.000..a bit pricey for not so big portion of sandwich
anyways,sorry for bad result of photos me..they are not photogenic!hehe

my boyfriend also ordered another best seller called momogi beef...(jgn samain sm snack terkenal itu loh..mereka gak sodaraan!) and it was DELICIOUS too!!beef and melted cheese never go wrong right?!and it costs rp 43.000

for drink, we ordered orange and blackcurent juice..rp 18.000 each..and dont forget the tax honey!
overall from scale 1-5
ambience 3 (they are hanging tintin posters on the wall!loves it!)
food 4.5
price 3

really want to eat here again!

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