Monday, September 28, 2009

idk why,im so sensitive these past days

heyhoooo...yesterday me and some friends went to grand indo...salah satu temen gw ada yang mau married...tempatnya di pantai,we tried to get some inspiration for our dresses!liat dress cantik bgt di dorothy perkins (tapi harganya gak cantik bgt) so..i guess i will tailor-made it!hoho..and i found really really cute sunnies at bokek bgt...trus gw minta sm nyokap buat beliin..but she said NO..okeh deh cute sunnies...sampai berjumpa lagi kapan2! =(

and here we are from 4pm till10pm

unbranded top;gifted bag;VNC sandals;swatch watch
i loveeee the gold studded on my dress!